As our final project in college, we had to create a game based on a paper we did about player perspective. We wanted to explore a player perspective inside the game. For example, if a user plays Super Mario, when he gets a mushroom, we wanted him to see the world different because of the hallucinogen properties a mushroom have.

We created Crawler - Rastejantes no Escuro (which translates to Crawler - Crawling in the Dark). In this game, the player is Mateus, a young boy who likes to explore his city. He was with a couple of friends inside a subway station when the floor collapsed and he fell in an old subterranean gallery. There he have to find a way out, using only his lanter and a walkie-talkie. His friends start talking to him, helping him out, when suddenly other voices are heard. Can Mateus keep his sanity while finding the truth about that place?

In this project, I acted as project manager, designed the Game Design Document, made the HUD design, and was part of the animation team and of the sound team.

The inside pages of the Game Design Document

The pause menu, made with Maya and Photoshop

The game and documents package, inspired by a backpack.